To be a parent is the most difficult task you will have in life, but also the most satisfying and rewording!

Here you will find some guidance, to make the journey easier.

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Protecting… and letting go…

Do you know the strong willing to protect you children, even when the grow up?
I am in this situation.
My oldest boy is about 13.5 years old. He is in the 8th grade and where I […]

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Morning Routine

One of the challenges We have every day is getting ready to school and work in the morning. I admit, it is hard for me to get up on time. Usually I go to bed very […]

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Kids activity – A Quiet Afternoon

Sometimes all I want is to spend a quiet afternoon with the kids. Is there kids activity right for that?

How do I do that?

First be calm, don’t be under the pressure to get something done. […]


Learn from experience

Being a parent will be the biggest challenge in your life. While I am raising my 6 kids, I am here to help you to pass this challenge in the best way.

I'm here for you!

Your kids are growing fast and you must have a lot of questions along the way. Just ask, I am here to answer.

Kids are a gift

But sometimes we have some difficulties to see it. A simple advise can save you time and energy. And you need both.
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